Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I don't know? I bet I could do it, I'd make it work.

If prison life wasn't so violent and rapey, I think I could do it. Can't be much different than how I'm living right now. I'm not out committing crimes or anything, no I just live within a tiny area, everyday, all of the time. Most nights, I'm by myself, a lot like solitude confinement. The food I eat... gross! So far, prison seems way better than being here at the moment. Plus you get a bunk buddy [cell mate] aka "Partner In Crime" [P.I.C.]!! ...could be tight?! You get a uniform, pay no rent, no responsabilities, I hear there's recess so that's nice, you can get a degree in prison, read books from the book cart, get a tattoo or play cards and bet cigarettes, all of these things make prison sound like a white trash paradise! Role play? Pretend that your Andy Dufrane and the prison your in is called Shawshank...yeah, that's coool. Morgan Freeman could even be there, who really knows? Who knows for sure? No one does, that's who! Nobody knows what Morgan Freeman does with his Morgan Freeman time. I bet he blogs.

I guess, my biggest concern about living the prison life would be getting shanked, raped in the showers, murdered and/or the gang that I'd be obligated to join. Boo! I imagine, the crap being kicked out of me, everyday, everyday that I wasn't in a gang so I'm gonna have to pick one or learn to love prison beatings. I bruise like a peach and we don't want to have that happening everyday. No sir!

I don't know, maybe prison life compared to my living style is a little bit worse or maybe it's a toss up. I don't know? We'll see, I suppose we'll have to just wait and see to see what happens.